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Cluster One: Social Revolution

The three modules here deal with objects whose fame extends beyond the German-speaking world. Luther’s translation of the Bible not only had a lasting influence on the German language, it also changed the course of Christianity. The swastika, originally a token of good luck in various cultures, has become a symbol of brutal intolerance thanks to its use by the Nazis. The Berlin Wall became the focal point of a Cold War that dominated international relations for over 40 years.

What you’ll learn about in this cluster:

  • the massive social and political changes that have come to be symbolized by these objects
  • why considering these objects in some detail can lead to a greater understanding of the social and political change they have come to represent

Please note: for the discussions in this cluster, you’re assigned to a group of about eight students. The groups are named after German cities. In your first posting in this cluster, perhaps introduce yourself so the others in your group know who you are. At the end of each module the discussions of each group will be opened up so that others can read those discussions if they wish.

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