Glass roof.
Steibs Hof, Leipzig. Photo by Patrick Baum on Unsplash

Welcome to Public German Studies.

Scholarly communication is changing and expanding. There is a desire for more openness in research (open access) and teaching (open education); there is a desire to see the good work of scholars reaching audiences beyond their colleagues. Academic work is a public good, and as such it should be in the public sphere, available to all who might be interested in it.

Public German Studies wants to facilitate the creation of these public spheres for communicating scholarly work in German Studies. We hope this site will become a place for academics and students to share their research and teaching in any subject or topic that touches on the German-speaking world.

Two sections dominate this site. Research will provide information on new developments in research (it will go live later in 2019); Teaching opens up access to teaching materials. Our site is a work in progress, and it is open to collaboratoration and input from any scholars who are interested.

Public German Studies is powered by the Waterloo Centre for German Studies at the University of Waterloo and managed by its staff, James M. Skidmore and Misty Matthews-Roper. Funding to support the set up of the open education aspects of this site came from eCampusOntario as part of their Open Education Fellows initiative.