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Culture in the Third Reich: Disseminating the Nazi Worldview Read this overview from the Holocaust Encyclopedia: Culture in the Third Reich Your task: what strikes you as the most important takeaway from the article? Propaganda One of the most distinctive features of the Third Reich was its use of propaganda. During the

Hitler's LIfe This reading is from the Encyclopedia Britannica. It's written by some important biographers of Hitler, among them Alan Bulock and John Lukacs. It provides a good overview of the main aspects of Hitler's life and especially his political and social influence. Adolf Hitler from Encyclopedia Britannica.  Your task: at

Brief History of the Third Reich This article from Encyclopedia Britannica provides a comprehensive overview of Germany between 1918 (the end of the First World War) and 1945 (the end of the Second World War). The Third Reich lasted from 1933 to 1945, but the Nazi party had

In Module YOU you create a module dealing with a person of your own choosing. What should be in the document you submit to this dropbox? I'm glad you asked: Option A: if you have created a separate website for your module, your dropbox document should contain the following: Module

Angela Merkel - The Quiet German Angela Merkel has never been a flashy politician, and on the world stage she has been overshadowed by other leaders. But a couple of years ago her profile started to rise. This was due to a number of things: her

Bertolt Brecht - Introduction The 20th century saw the rise of a number of playwrights who would have an enormous influence on world theatre and drama - Ionescu, Beckett, Pinter - and Bertolt Brecht must be counted among them. His work, not only as a playwright

Fritz Lang - Introduction "Die Frau im Mond" Der bekannte Regisseur Fritz Lang bei den Aufnahmen des Weltraum-Films "Frau im Mond", dessen Uraufführung mit grosser Spannung entgegen gesehen wird. Fritz Lang was a German film director in the 1920s who in the 1930s moved to Hollywood. On both

The purpose of this checkpoint is do the preparatory/preliminary work needed for MyModule. In Checkpoint One you analyzed a module to figure out how it was structured. In Checkpoint Two you lay the groundwork for your own module. In MyModule, you create a module similar

Hannah Arendt I'd like you to read three short biographical essays about Hannah Arendt so that you can orient yourself to her life and work. Encyclopedia Britannica - Hannah Arendt FemBio - Hannah Arendt Jewish Virtual Library - Hannah Arendt Your discussion task: Compare