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Module You-Checkpoint One

The purpose of this checkpoint is to get you started on your MyModule project by first analyzing what a module can look like. At this stage you figure out what the modules are all about. You analyze one of the modules in the course from the perspective of someone who has to create something similar. This is less about learning the content of the module and more about learning how the module is put together.

Please answer these questions:

  1. Name the module you’re analyzing, and explain in one paragraph the general scope and focus of the module.
  2. Look at the individual content items in the module. How do they fit together? How do they expand your understanding of the person?
  3. Analyze the Tasks that the instructor has paired with the individual content items. How do these Tasks help a student gain a greater understanding of the material? Explain using a couple of examples.
  4. What is your overall impression of the module? If you like it, why exactly? If you think there are ways of improving it, what would those improvements look like? [Please note: the instructor will take NO offense if you’re critical. This is a learning opportunity for all of us. Your feedback will improve the content of the course.]

Your document should be a .docx (Microsoft Word) file, double-spaced. There is no maximum or minimum word count. There is no grade assigned for the checkpoint, but you will lose points off your final grade if you don’t submit a checkpoint or submit one that shows little or no effort.