In Module YOU you create a module dealing with a person of your own choosing. What should be in the document you submit to this dropbox? I'm glad you asked: Option A: if you have created a separate website for your module, your dropbox document should contain the following: Module

Angela Merkel - The Quiet German Angela Merkel has never been a flashy politician, and on the world stage she has been overshadowed by other leaders. But a couple of years ago her profile started to rise. This was due to a number of things: her

Bertolt Brecht - Introduction The 20th century saw the rise of a number of playwrights who would have an enormous influence on world theatre and drama - Ionescu, Beckett, Pinter - and Bertolt Brecht must be counted among them. His work, not only as a playwright

Fritz Lang - Introduction "Die Frau im Mond" Der bekannte Regisseur Fritz Lang bei den Aufnahmen des Weltraum-Films "Frau im Mond", dessen Urauff├╝hrung mit grosser Spannung entgegen gesehen wird. Fritz Lang was a German film director in the 1920s who in the 1930s moved to Hollywood. On both

The purpose of this checkpoint is do the preparatory/preliminary work needed for MyModule. In Checkpoint One you analyzed a module to figure out how it was structured. In Checkpoint Two you lay the groundwork for your own module. In MyModule, you create a module similar

Hannah Arendt I'd like you to read three short biographical essays about Hannah Arendt so that you can orient yourself to her life and work. Encyclopedia Britannica - Hannah Arendt FemBio - Hannah Arendt Jewish Virtual Library - Hannah Arendt Your discussion task: Compare

Franz Kafka - Introduction So let's return, shall we, to our tried and tested Encyclopedia Britannica for an introduction to the life and work of Franz Kafka. Encyclopedia Britannica - Franz Kafka Your discussion task: You can talk about one of two things (or both, if you

Sigmund Freud - Introduction This somewhat lengthy Encyclopedia Britannica article (Freud lived a long life in which he wrote a lot, so it makes sense that the article will be lengthy) gives a thorough introduction to Freud's work: Sigmund Freud Your discussion task: How would you summarize the

The purpose of this checkpoint is to get you started on your MyModule project by first analyzing what a module can look like. At this stage you figure out what the modules are all about. You analyze one of the modules in the course from

Friedrich Nietzsche - Introduction Let's begin slowly. Here's the Encyclopedia Britannica article on Nietzsche: Friedrich Nietzsche Your discussion task: You might have heard about Nietzsche before, and some of you will be familiar with his work. What surprises you most about his life? REMINDER: if someone has already